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About Carolina Mirror




Founded in the early 1930's and operated by Edd Gardner, Carolin Mirror made mirrors in the foothills of North Carolina as a mirror maker for the furniture industry. Business flourished and quickly made the hometown of North Wilkesboro the mirror capital of the U.S., making more mirrors than any other company.

By the early 1960's, Gardner left to form his own mirror company, Gardner Glass Products, but Carolina Mirror continued to flourish as they diversified into framed mirrors and wall décor for retailers and designers. By the late 70's it was the biggest name in wall décor in the country.

However, as the furniture business migrated overseas and competition increased, Carolina Mirror found itself struggling by the 1990's. When venture capitalists began selling off the assets of Carolina Mirror in 2002, the ownership of Gardner Mirror - which was by now known as Gardner Glass Products - purchased the rights to the name out of respect for the Gardner family, Mr. Gardner's importance to mirror manufacturing in the United States, and to the integrity of the brand that served so many for so long.

While we currently do not produce any product under the Carolina Mirror brand name, we deeply respect the heritage and quality of the products that served so many customers for so many years.

Thank you for your interest in Carolina Mirror, and for your support.


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